Landrum Cardinals Baseball

Important Announcement….Please Read!


Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to take care of a little housekeeping and give everyone a FYI. This is a little bit of a long read but I feel like I must explain the nature of this page and what it is and what it is not. is website dedicated to coverage of Landrum Cardinals Baseball and all games and activities related to it. Until now the website/social media has been branded ‘Landrum Cardinals Baseball’

I am currently in the process of applying to Facebook to make the title of the Facebook page ‘‘ and not ‘Landrum Cardinals Baseball’. The reason why I feel this as necessary is because this is NOT an official webpage for the Landrum High School Baseball Team.

To have the name of this page as ‘Landrum Cardinals Baseball’ may give the impression to some people that this webpage/social media is an official page managed by the school/coaches/district staff and it is NOT.

Before the 2012 season I approached the district about creating a website for the Baseball team. The purpose of the page would be to provide information about the team, provide live coverage of games, raise interest in the team and hopefully raise attendance, and longterm give increased attention to the program and its players to raise awareness for college and pro scouts.

District One at the time had a policy that would not allow me to do this as I am not a District One employee which I fully respect. It is their duty and responsibility to protect their image, students, and staff. Through multiple requests I was given permission to use create a website ABOUT Landrum High School Baseball but I had to be clear that these offerings were not managed by Landrum High School or its staff, the coaches, or anyone from Spartanburg District One Schools.

To fulfill these requirements by the District, I decided to create and run the page as a news site. As you have various news websites for South Carolina Gamecocks sports or Clemson Tiger sports, this site does the same for Landrum High School Baseball.

Nothing has changed policy wise and there have been no complaints from the school district but upon accessing the pages I feared there may be some room for confusion so I am rebranding everything so people will hopefully understand there is a difference between my webpage and the official program.

It is my intention to always present material about the baseball team that is positive and informative in the most professional way possible but in case there is a misunderstanding of subject material posted on the website, facebook, or twitter then I needed you to understand the difference.

I have already updated twitter and our webpage, the name change on Facebook may take a while longer. There is a review process. In the meantime I have updated the page description to reflect our purpose.

There may come a day when policies change and the teams can have their own pages managed by their coaches and then this page may adapt or cease to exist but until then thats the way it is. I hope you enjoy our coverage of Landrum High School baseball. Theres more that I would like to provide but I need some volunteers which I will be looking for in the near future.

Thanks for the read and thanks for following!