Landrum Cardinals Baseball


Beginning with the 2022 season, Landrum Baseball will be using the GameChanger digital scorekeeping platform.   GameChanger has continuing partnerships with the NFHS and the SCHSL and Landrum Baseball has elected to begin using the GameChanger platform to keep statistics of all our three levels.  We believe GameChanger will empower our coaches with all the best information about our players throughout their playing career.

In the past Landrum Baseball has provided our fans with the opportunity to follow each game pitch-by-pitch.  With the move to the new GameChanger platform comes different methods for being able to follow our teams.  This document will hopefully guide you through the new procedures. 

  • First you will need to download the GameChanger application on your mobile device.  We recommend you visit the following link on info of how to load GameChanger onto your Mobile Device.  This is a free download.    

  •  When the app opens, you will need to sign up for a Free GC Account by clicking the Sign Up/Sign In Button.  This is a simple process.  I don’t have visual aids for this but all it asks for is your email address,  first name/last name and you create a password.   This is where you will also sign in if you already have a GC account.
  • Once you are signed into the app Click on ‘Find Your Team’
  • Type in ‘Landrum’ in the ‘Search for Teams’ field.  Select the team you wish to follow.   NOTE:  Varsity will attempt to have all of their games live scored.  Others will be done when resources are available.
  • Once you have selected the team you wish to follow click ‘Join Team’
  • Select the option ‘I’m a Fan’. 
    Landrum Baseball has always maintained a policy that individual or team stats are not released to the public until after the season.   While you can register as a family member or as the player, the new GC platform shares stats with confirmed Family Members and Players.   As a result if you register as either of those options you will not be confirmed and the visibility of being able to follow games live is unknown as this is new for all of us.  The proper option to maintain similarity to what we have provided in the past would be to register as a Fan.   As we learn more about this new platform we may recommend changes but for now please register as “I’m a Fan”
  • Once you become a fan you will be able to click on games during the season and view the live stat cast. 
  • With a free GC account, the live game view will provide to you a basic interface including the count the batter faces (Ex: 3-2), who’s at bat and on the mound and the positions of any runners on base.  If you want a more ‘In-Depth’ experience that would include a play-by-play run down on what is happening and access to the box score you would have to subscribe to a GC Plus subscription. In the past we were able to provide this as a free service but the GC platform does not give us an option to provide this service at this time.   Below is information on the GC subscription model and how to subscribe if you choose to do so. If you just want the very basic information then you do not have to subscribe or pay fanything.   This is only for those that want more advanced features while watching the live stat cast.  This subscription is completely unaffiliated with Landrum Baseball and we do not receive the money, it goes to the GameChanger company.  You are subscribing to their service, not ours.   A subscription to GC Plus will allow you to have access to advanced features to follow any team not just Landrum Baseball.  New subscribers get a 7-day free trial to try.  

GC Fan Pricing + Subscription Info

  • If you choose to subscribe to gain access to the advanced features then you can follow the following procedures.  Because Landrum Baseball will not be providing access to the Premium items anyway it is recommended to only choose a GC Plus Subscription instead of Premium.   Landrum Baseball is not responsible for your subscription.  To Subscribe Click on the Profile Button on the bottom of the app.
  • Choose ‘Fan Pricing’

. Choose a GC Plus Subscription and then select an Annual or Monthly Subscription.  New Subscriptions come with a 7-day free trial.  This will lead you to purchase through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store depending on your phone manufacturer.    If you choose to cancel you would have to cancel through your phone’s app store as well.   Landrum Baseball DOES NOT AND WILL NOT provide support for this process and is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any charges should you forget to cancel your subscription at a later date. YOU will be responsible for your own subscription to the GC platform.